How Much Does a Clay Tile Roof Cost in 2024?

The average cost of installing clay roof tile is $24,500, but the cost typically varies from $13,000 and $36,000.

Clay tile roof

Clay tiles are one of the most expensive roofing materials out there. The typical price range for installing clay tile on a 1,500-square-foot roof is between $13,000 and $36,000, with an average cost of $24,500. The minimum cost for a clay tile roof is about $4,000 and can rise to $50,000 or more, depending on roof size and pattern.

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Average Clay Tile Roof Costs

National Average Cost$24,500
Typical Price Range$13,000 – $36,000
Extreme Low-End Cost$4,000
Extreme High-End Cost$50,000

The national average price to install a clay tile roof is $24,500, including labor and roofing supplies. While a small roofing project using clay tiles might cost about $4,000, the cost of installing a clay tile roof for larger homes can be as high as $50,000.

We based our average and typical cost estimates on a roof size of 1,500 square feet. However, when planning your budget and comparing estimates, keep in mind that most roofing contractors charge by the roofing square, which is equal to 100 square feet.

Clay Tile Cost Estimator by Roof Size

The size of a roof, materials, and labor cost significantly impact the total cost of clay tile roofing installation. On average, a clay tile is priced between $5 and $9, and when you add the cost of professional installation, the total comes out to $8 to $24 per square foot.

Below are the estimated costs of clay tiles for different roof sizes.

Roof SizeAverage Cost Range (Materials and Labor)
500 sq. ft.$4,335 – $12,000
1,500 sq. ft.$13,000 – $36,000
2,000 sq. ft.$17,335 – $48,000

Clay Tile Roof Cost by Type of Tile

Clay tile roofs come in different styles, and the installation of each style affects the overall cost due to the technical aspects involved.


Flat-styled tiles are simple and among the most affordable types of roofing. The finished style can be adapted to virtually any home, which makes flat tiles very popular. They can be installed for $8 to $9 per square foot.


The average price for installing Spanish-style roofing (aka Mediterranean tiles) is $8 to $15 per square foot. Spanish tiles, with their curved appearance, look almost like mission style but are interlocking rather than overlapping. The gutter-like channel between each tile ensures easy water runoff, making them best suited for areas with a lot of rain.


Pantile tiles are much lighter than other roof options, which is a big advantage in installation. They are so versatile that they can be used on high-pitch roofs and pitches as low as 12.5 degrees. On average, they cost between $8 and $10 per square foot.


Also known as “Double Roman,” this tile design features more, smaller water channels than the Spanish style. Mission tiles’ shape makes them more difficult and expensive to install than usual. Mission tile costs between $9 and $11 per square foot to install.


French tiles have four interlocking sides with a better drainage channel. The need for technicalities and special components during installation increases the overall cost. French tile installation typically costs $9 to $11 per square foot.


This style of tile is similar to the mission design but features flat bumps as opposed to rounded ones. Scarcity is the main factor driving up the price. Riviera goes for about $9 to $11 per square foot.


At $10 to $13 per square foot, barrel tile is typically the most expensive type of tile to install. The unique design is probably one of the reasons for the high price.

If clay tiles are too expensive for you, you have a choice of other popular roofing types. Also remember that you’ll have to spend money on maintaining your roof in the future.

Concrete Tile Roofing

A concrete tile roof is the best alternative to a clay tile roof in terms of quality and durability. Compared to clay tiles, concrete is lighter and easier to install. A concrete tile roof costs between $19,500 and $36,500 for installation.

Slate Roofing

Slate roofing follows concrete and clay tiles when it comes to durability and longer lifespan. One of the downsides to a roof that can last up to 200 years is its high price. For a typical single-story home, slate roofing costs between $8,810 and $25,825.

Roofing Shingles

Shingle roofs are the most popular roof type in the US due to their low cost and ease of installation. The cost of roofing shingles ranges from $1,280 to $5,700

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam metal roofs are some of the sturdiest and longest-lasting roofs on the market. They are rust-resistant and can survive severe weather conditions. The typical standing seam metal roof cost ranges from $18,000 to $41,000.

Roof Cleaning

Frequent and proper roof cleaning can enhance the beauty of clay tiles and prolong their life. Professional roof cleaning costs between $374 and $606.

Soft wash cleaning, the best cleaning method for clay tile roofs, ranges from $0.30 to $0.75 per square foot.

Roof Repairs

Minor to moderate roof repairs cost between $348 and $1,186. If your roof sustains serious damage, a complete roof replacement might be necessary. 

Roof replacements cost, on average, $5,706 to $11,185, but they can cost much more than that depending on the roofing material you choose. Clay tiles, for example, are much pricier than this range.

Roof Inspection

Regular roof inspections are essential to detect potential problems early. If done consistently, inspections can prevent the need for major, costly repairs. The cost of a professional roof inspection ranges from about $120 to $320

FAQ About Clay Tile Roofs

Can you install clay tile roofing DIY? 

Clay tile roofing is certainly not a DIY project. Considering the weight and fragility of the tiles, hiring a professional is the best option, whether it’s a replacement or repair.

Clay tile roofs should only be installed by professional roofers who can determine the appropriate roofing underlayment with precision and install the tiles with the correct pattern to avoid leaks and other problems.

Do tile roofs keep a house cooler?

Yes, the thermal resistance of clay tiles prevents heat from entering your ceiling. This makes them a perfect roofing system for homeowners in warmer climates. That’s why clay tile roofs are so popular in the Southwest. 

When should I replace my clay tile roof?

The clay tile roof is famous for its longevity, with an average life expectancy of around 70 years. However, certain signs, such as cracked or broken tiles, stains on the eaves, and dilapidated roof underlayment indicate the need for repair or replacement.

Why are clay tiles so expensive?

The extensive production process that guarantees the clay material is stable enough for installation makes it expensive. Compared to other roof options, clay tiles go through many steps in the production process to ensure the durability and strength for which they are known.

Find a Clay Tile Roofing Pro Near You

The typical price range for installing clay tile on a 1,500-square-foot roof is between $13,000 and $36,000, with an average cost of $24,500.

The high cost of installing a clay tile roof should be considered a worthwhile investment when you take into account the incomparable benefits that homeowners stand to get from a roof that is designed to last up to 100 years.

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