How Much Does a Tesla Solar Roof Cost in 2024?

The average cost of installing a Tesla solar roof is $111,400, but the cost typically varies from $87,300 to $134,500.

tesla solar roof

Tesla CEO and Chief Product Architect, Elon Musk, dreams of a future where everyone has a roof that generates power and looks good doing it. The Tesla Solar Roof is the cream of the crop in solar shingle technology, featuring solar glass shingles and an integrated battery storage system. You can expect total costs between $87,300 to $134,500, or a national average of $111,400, for the high-end solar product.

The Tesla Solar Roof combines glass solar tiles, architectural steel tiles, and glass roofing tiles to enhance your roof’s aesthetics and lower your energy bills. The energy-independent roof features a Powerwall storage system and photovoltaic shingles that absorb the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity to power your home, while premium materials look and perform like a regular roof. 

In this pricing guide, we’ll cover:

Average Costs of a Tesla Solar Roof

National Average Cost$111,400
Typical Price Range$87,300 – $134,500
Extreme Low End Cost$68,700
Extreme High End Cost$316,100

Before incentives, most Solar Roof installations fall into the $87,300 to $134,500 range, but many factors can impact your budget and overall costs. Tesla shingles installed on a small, 500-square-foot roof could cost as little as $68,700 before incentives, while a sprawling, one-story, 6,000-square-foot mansion installation can set you back as much as $316,100.

Tesla Solar Roof Cost Estimator

A Tesla Solar Roof completely replaces your existing roofing materials, requiring new installation regardless of how old your roof is. The company provides a convenient online calculator to estimate the cost of installing a Solar Roof. 

Many factors affect the cost of your new roof. Tesla’s solar roofing calculator uses your current electricity usage, location, and the size of your home to match you with a system that meets your needs. 

Here’s a look at some common home sizes:

Home SizeNumber of FloorsKilowattsAverage Cost Before Incentives*includes materials and labor
1,000 square feetOne4.9 kW$87,300
1,500 square feetOne4.9 kW$107,100
2,000 square feetOne5.69 kW$129,400
2,000 square feetTwo5.69 kW$88,700
2,500 square feetOne6.12 kW$151,600
2,500 square feetTwo6.12 kW$99,400
4,000 square feetOne8.50 kW$219,800
4,000 square feetTwo8.50 kW$134,500

It is important to remember that Tesla tailors installation services to your unique home improvement project, and there are many factors affecting the cost of your new Solar Roof.

Tesla Solar Roof Cost Estimator By Watt

Roofing companies often install solar shingles alongside other roofing materials. Tesla’s solar tiles look like traditional asphalt shingles. They comprise glass, fiberglass, polymers, and silicon and measure 15 inches wide by 45 inches long and are 5 millimeters thick. 

Tesla bases the number of active solar shingles your home needs on an estimate to offset just over 100% of your energy demands. The remaining inactive shingles do not produce electricity but look identical to your active shingles for a seamless design aesthetic. 

Tesla bases the price on the size of your home and your current electricity needs. Tesla Solar Roofs cost $1.80 per watt for active shingles.

System Size (kW) x $1.80 ($/W)

Cost Per Watt 
*includes only active shingles
Adjusted Cost Per Watt Before Incentives
*includes all materials and labor
$1.80$18 to $25

Roof Complexity

Tesla raised prices on its solar technologies in 2021 to offset supply chain issues. During this time, it introduced roof complexity to its online calculator to produce more accurate quotes. The price of non-solar roofing materials and installation uses the following formula: 

Roof Size (sq. ft.) x Complexity ($/sq. ft.)

Complex roofs require more material and time to install. Tesla determines complexity by the number of roof planes, roof obstructions like chimneys, skylights, vents, or fans, and pitch. On average, simple roofs cost 38% less than complex roofs. These roofs range in price from $13 to $22 per square foot for non-solar roofing materials and installation.

*your roof may not meet all criteria
Average Cost Per Square Feet
*non-solar materials and labor
SimpleSingle-level, low pitch, few obstructions$13
IntermediateMulti-level, medium-pitch, obstructions$17
ComplexMulti-level, steep pitch, many obstructions$22

Other Factors That Affect Cost

The average cost of a traditional roof replacement is $8,446. Although the initial cost of a Tesla Solar Roof seems steep, the eco-friendly system aims to offset 100% of your annual energy needs. 

While weighing your replacement options, note that there are many factors affecting overall solar shingle installation costs, including roof complexity, size, capacity, location, and more. 

Federal Solar Tax Credit

Tesla solar upgrades, including solar tiles, traditional solar panels, and Powerwall storage systems, are eligible for a government tax credit. The program runs from 2022 to 2035. 

Solar Roofs installed between‌ 2022 to 2032 are eligible for a 30% credit. Systems installed in 2033 are only eligible for a 26% credit, and those installed in 2034 will receive a 22% credit.  There is no maximum amount a homeowner can claim. 

Expenses include: 

  • Tesla Solar Roofs or solar panel systems 
  • Labor costs, including permitting fees and inspection costs
  • Balancing equipment, including wiring, mounting equipment, and inverters
  • Powerwall energy storage devices
  • Sales tax on expenses

Many states also have policies governing renewable energy, offering their own incentives and rebates. The federal tax credit expires in 2035 unless it receives a congressional extension.

Year2022 – 203220332034
Tax Credit30%26%22%

Electrical Upgrades

Tesla’s online estimator provides a baseline for your Solar Roof installation, and the company mentions additional upgrades and services. These additional services include upgrades to your electrical system or electrical panels. On average, these services cost approximately $5,000. Your Tesla-certified contractor will provide a quote for additional upgrades at your home inspection. 

Powerwall Battery

Solar energy systems have high upfront costs, but they pay for themselves over time with clean energy and reduced electric bills. Solar shingles generate electricity for your home, but they cannot store it for later use. To get the most out of your new roof, Tesla requires a battery backup system for every installation. 

Tesla’s Powerwall stores collected solar power so your home can use it when your shingles cannot produce or collect energy. The battery backup system costs $12,850 per unit, and some larger homes may require additional units. 

The battery backup system and solar shingles are both building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV). It is more cost-effective to install the battery at the same time as your new solar shingles. The Powerwall is eligible for the federal tax credit, and some states, like California, provide their own solar storage incentives. 

Tesla Solar Roof Installation Process

Tesla Solar Roofs are not available in all locations. The online cost estimator notifies a homeowner if Tesla does not currently have certified installers in the area. Tesla makes purchasing a Solar Roof easy. 

  1. Place an order: Purchase directly from Tesla’s website, securing your inspection with a refundable $400 deposit.
  2. Home assessment: A Tesla-certified contractor will visit your home to confirm your roof’s size and complexity, and they will use the information to design your Solar Roof.
  3. Order Review: You will receive an agreement with final hardware, upgrades, and installation prices to review and sign. After signing this agreement, you are no longer eligible for a deposit refund. 
  4. Approval: After signing your Solar Roof agreement, Tesla files for permits and utility approval on your behalf.
  5. Installation: Tesla-certified roofers install your new roof. Depending on the size and complexity of your roof, it takes five to seven days to install your Solar Roof.
  6. Inspection: Tesla works with your utility company to submit the approval documentation. You must wait to use your system until your utility company provides permission to operate (PTO). Approval time varies by region but typically takes between one to six weeks. 
  7. Monitor: After installation, you can monitor your new Tesla system in real time with the mobile app.

Solar roofs are expensive and require thorough planning to understand all the related services that come with the large home improvement project. Luckily, Tesla takes care of all these related services for you.

Roofing Permits

Solar installation requires a building permit in most areas. Tesla handles all permits, including building and electrical permits. The exact price for this service is unknown. Instead, Tesla includes permitting costs in the overall estimate. 

Roof Removal

Tesla’s Solar Roof is an entire roofing system, making it a roof replacement. Your roofers will need to remove your existing roof materials for disposal. The company charges $5,700 for this service.

It is important to note that almost all Tesla Solar Roof installations require roof removal. Tesla contractors can only roof over new, or good-condition, 3-tab asphalt shingles that are less than 3/8-inch thick. 

Cost of a Tesla Solar Roof By Location

Solar Roof installation varies widely based on location and the cost of living. Tesla’s cost estimator uses location-based electricity costs and your average monthly utility bills to help calculate the cost of your new roof. 

There is no way to know exactly what your Tesla installation will cost without receiving a free quote.  

Tesla Solar Shingles vs. Solar Panels

Tesla’s silicon solar shingles and panels use solar cells to harness the sun’s rays and convert them into electricity. Regular solar panels are simply larger versions of solar shingles. 

However, there is one major difference: Solar panels are one component of a roof, while Tesla’s Solar Roof is an entire solar roof system. 

Check out some other key differences:

Tesla Solar RoofSolar Panels
Installation Cost Before Incentives
*materials and labor included
Durability*for peak performance25 years25 years
Size15 inches x 45 inches and 5 millimeters thick41 inches x 82 inches x 1.57 inches
Weight4 pounds per square foot47 pounds each
Installation Time5 – 7 days1 – 2 days
Output71.67 watts per shingle400 watts per panel


Tesla’s solar panel installation is significantly cheaper than the Solar Roof. However, the premium product costs more than other solar panels in the market. For an average one-story house of 2,500 square feet, Tesla’s solar panel installation costs approximately $43,000 before incentives, while the solar shingles cost $111,400 for the same home. 

Other Solar Shingle Brands to Consider

Here are other popular solar companies and their average cost per watt before tax incentives. Note that these costs will vary depending on your location and other factors. 

*watts per shingle
EfficiencyAverage Cost Per Watt
*before incentive
Average Cost For a 10 kW System
*includes materials and labor
CertainTeed Apollo Tile II70 watts18%$5.50 per watt$55,000
GAF Energy Solar Shingles45 watts22%$4 per watt$40,0000
LUMA80 watts22%$6 per watt$60,000
SunTegra Solar Shingles105 – 114 watts16% – 17%$4.50 per watt$45,000

Let’s look at the most popular solar shingles:

CertainTeed Solar Shingles

The CertainTeed Apollo Tile II features a low-profile design that works with new or existing asphalt shingles. The high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells produce 70 watts per shingle and cost $5.50 per watt.

GAF Solar Shingles

GAF’s Timberline Solar Energy Shingles combine asphalt roof shingle material with monocrystalline solar cells to reduce installation costs. The new material costs $4 per watt and has an output of 45 watts per shingle. 

LUMA Solar Shingles

LUMA solar shingles were one of the first to market, producing an impressive 80 watts per shingle. They cost $6 per watt and carry a Category 5 Hurricane Classification. The LUMA solar shingles come with a 25-year production warranty guaranteeing maximum output.  

SunTegra Solar Shingles

SunTegra solar shingles use 50% fewer parts and attach directly to your roof, integrating with traditional shingles and other low-profile roofing materials. They cost $4.50 per watt and produce 105 to 114 watts per shingle. The SunTegra shingles also come with a 25-year output warranty. 


Can I DIY install a Tesla Solar Roof?

No. Tesla’s Solar Roof requires a professional installation.

How long does a Tesla Solar Roof last? 

The Tesla Solar Roof lasts longer than traditional roofing shingles and maintains maximum output and efficiency for 25 years. The company offers a 25-year warranty on its solar products.

How much will my monthly electric bill decrease?

The power output of your Solar Roof and your home’s energy demands determine how much your monthly energy bills will decrease. Tesla aims to offset 100% of electricity costs with every installation.  

How long is the wait for a Solar Roof?

Availability varies drastically across locations. Wait times typically fall between 30 days to six months. 

Find a Solar Roofing Pro Near You 

Going solar is no longer New Age thinking, and Elon Musk’s dream of a solar city may be closer than we realize. Tesla’s Solar Roof produces clean energy for your home, and the 30% tax credit makes it a great time to install premium solar roof shingles. You can expect to spend between $87,300 – $134,500, or a national average of $111,400, for a Tesla Solar Roof. If you are ready to reduce your monthly costs and replace your shingle roof, we’ll connect you to the best solar roofing professionals near you to learn more about your options. 

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