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Top Solar Panel Installation Companies in Detroit, MI June 2024

Detroit Solar Panel Installation Logo

Detroit Solar Panel Installation

Detroit, MI 48226

Detroit Solar Panel Installation can install solar panels for your home to go green and save on your electricity bill. If your existing solar panel is damaged, they can repair it. Detroit Solar Panel Installation serves customers in Detroit and throughout Wayne County.

Distributed Power Logo

Distributed Power

Detroit, MI 48226

Want to reduce your power bill and save thousands of dollars each month? Distributed Power can help. They are a solar energy company that services the homeowners of Detroit and surrounding areas. They specialize in installing roof and ground-mounted solar panels. Aside from reducing your electricity bills, solar can also help with your tax credits and home sales value. Distributed Power also offers battery products and services.

GreenLancer Logo


Detroit, MI 48226

Since 2013, GreenLancer has been a locally owned company providing solar system services to customers in Detroit City and its surrounding areas. They have served more than 5,000 solar installers on over 150,000 projects in commercial and residential solar nationwide.

Solar Energy Detroit Logo

Solar Energy Detroit

Detroit, MI 48226

Solar Energy Detroit can install solar panels for your home to save the environment and reduce your electricity bill. If your existing solar panel is damaged, they can fix it to improve efficiency. Solar Energy Detroit is a locally owned and operated company serving residential customers.

Solar Energy Solutions Logo

Solar Energy Solutions

Detroit, MI 48226

Solar Energy Solutions is here to fix all your solar problems. This company will evaluate your solar system to determine defects and offer effective solutions with their repair services. They also design and install new solar panels that will help you harness the sun's energy to help you reduce carbon blueprints, utility expenses, electricity bills, and tax credits. This company serves homes and businesses in Detroit and the surrounding areas.

StellarPV, LLC Logo

StellarPV, LLC

Detroit, MI 48226

StellarPV works with different types of solar systems including ground-mounted, grid-tied, off-grid, and pitched. This company will help you go energy independent with their solar services. They design and install solar panels, repair and upgrade existing ones, and replace old and damaged systems. StellarPV serves homes and businesses in Detroit and the surrounding areas.

Streamline Electric Logo

Streamline Electric

Detroit, MI 48226

Get the most out of your solar system with Streamline Electric in Detroit. Their experienced technicians offer quality installations, repairs, and maintenance services for all types of solar systems. Whether you're looking for a small residential system or a large commercial project, they can provide you with a custom plan that meets your individual needs. They can also set up an electric vehicle charging station in your home. The company also offers general electrical services.

Sunny Solutions Logo

Sunny Solutions

Detroit, MI 48226

Whether you want to install new solar panels for your home or repair your existing solar panel, Sunny Solutions can help. They can also paint the interior and exterior of homes, repair drywall, mow lawns, and install gutters. Established in 2018, Sunny Solutions serves homeowners and businesses in Detroit.

Sweet Solar Home Logo

Sweet Solar Home

Detroit, MI 48226

Sweet Solar Home provides system design and turn-key installation of grid-tied solar electric systems for homes and businesses throughout Detroit. In addition, they install batteries for excess solar energy storage. They also install electric vehicle charging stations.

The Motor City Solar Co. Logo

The Motor City Solar Co.

Detroit, MI 48226

Founded a decade ago, Motor Capital Solar Solutions is one of the leading installers of residential and commercial solar panel companies in Detroit City. Over the years, they have excelled in designing, installing, and maintaining solar panels at an affordable and competitive price.

The Wheel City Solar Logo

The Wheel City Solar

Detroit, MI 48226

Get your home powered by the sun with The Wheel City Solar. This company is located in Detroit and offers expertise in installing, repairing, and maintaining solar systems for residential and commercial customers. They provide their customers with the most up-to-date technology and solutions to meet their specific needs. Start saving money today with solar energy.

Walker-Miller Energy Services Logo

Walker-Miller Energy Services

Detroit, MI 48226

Walker-Miller Energy Services has been helping residential and commercial clients reduce carbon blueprints and reduce electricity, utility, and tax incentives since 1999. This company designs and installs durable and reliable solar panels, repair and upgrade existing ones, and replace old and damaged systems. Walker-Miller Energy Services has also received various awards from Michigan EIBC, BPI-Goldstar Contractor, America's SBDC, and Great Lake Women's Business Council, among others.

Ryter Cooperative Industries Logo

Ryter Cooperative Industries

Serving Detroit, MI

Ryter Cooperative Industries is a solar energy company based in Highland Park. They help homeowners go solar even if they do not have the finances to own solar panels by offering solar farms and hubs where a community can draw energy from. They also help businesses adopt solar energy for their power requirements.

Cresit Energy Logo

Cresit Energy

Serving Detroit, MI

In business since 2016, Cresit Energy is the company you can count on for grid-tied, hybrid, or off-grid solar panel installation, interior and exterior lighting retrofits, plus more. From the initial energy assessment for your home or business to solar system design and installation, you can count on them to handle it all. Cresit Energy serves residential and commercial clients in Wyandotte.

Downriver Solar Logo

Downriver Solar

Serving Detroit, MI

Downriver Solar can repair damaged solar panels and install new solar panels. The federal government will provide a 30% incentive when you invest in solar. If your solar panels need cleaning, they have you covered. They can also install battery backup systems and generators. Downriver Solar serves homeowners and businesses in Trenton.

Detroit, MI - Tuesday, June 11th, 2024

Local Facts & Trends


Number of Roofs 184,000
Total Roof Space (sq. ft.) 162,000,000
No. of Homes that Use Solar Energy for Heating 33
Percentage of Solar-Viable Buildings 69%
Number of Existing Solar Installations 9
Total Potential Solar Installation Size(MW DC) 2,300
Potential Solar Electricity Production(MWh AC/yr) 2,600,000
Avg Min. Cost of Solar Panels $9,229.38

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